Until 2014 , the Dutch market for solar installations has developed  a limited amount of residential solar installations and only very few industrial rooftop and ground mounted installations. This was partly due to the fact that only  residentail solar installations were supported by succesfull local incentive schemes.
In 2014 a  trend towards  solar installations, often  larger then 500 kw has developed , both rooftop as well as ground mounted installations .This trend is reflected in the substantial amount of applications  for solar installations made under the governmental incentive scheme called SDE.
F&S Solar Holding B.V. has prepared itselves for this development , by creating a team  that has succesfuly been working on the development of a portfolio of ground mounted and industrial rooftop solar projects in The Netherlands. In 2015 this portfolio will start construction in  close co-operation with Dutch banks,  investors and electricity companies .
With the expertise of the technical and design team of F&S Germany,  we feel to be well positioned for servicing succesfully the upcoming growth in the Dutch solar installation market.

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